World of Warcraft Weekly - The Overpull

Welcome to the latest World of Warcraft newsletter from Ten Ton Hammer. The Overpull, where we gather most of the things we should and a few we probably shouldn't. In this section...
Welcome to the latest World of Warcraft newsletter from Ten Ton Hammer. The Overpull, where we gather most of the things we should and a few we probably shouldn't.

Now on Farm or That's a Wipe

In this section we'll look at the hits and misses taking place in the game. 

Ammo bags are soon to be a thing of the past, amen. Now about Soul Bags and Shards?

Ulduar difficulty, full of Farm and Wipes all at the same time. The dev team seems to understand how to allow us all to see the content, but give the hard cores a way to win. It's like letting us ride in a pace car to see a race track and then letting the big dogs roll.

BGs are no longer on Farm status, heck I can't remember doing one since I tried Strand of Ancients just to see it. Do people still go to WSG?

Shattering Throw pops my Pally bubble, really? Bubblehearth goes out with Druid tanks...zing!


Caverns of Time

Ah the good old days. Some we miss, but most we just appreciate (for the fact that they're gone!).

Does anyone remember getting the key to Searing Gorge?

Or how about the Priest and Hunter epic quest drops off of Ragnaros? There was a percentage one would drop and that was the easy part.

Do you remember the first time you clicked on a puddle in the Plaguelands named "Blood of Heroes" and how did that turn out for you?

There used to be full raids on Nathanos Blightcaller and people actually finished the Heroes of Darrowshire quest lines.

Medeor's Mishaps and Mayhem

This week we get another extended maintenance that most likely won't deliver the big patch that we're all waiting for. That reminds me, does it seem like Wrath has been a work in progress since it launched lo those four months ago? It feels like a huge axe of change is always hanging over my character's head. Not that the game is broken, far from it (I'm having a blast!) but I feel like everything is temporary. I'm not getting too invested in my new found fun because it is all going to change or it may change, or it may stay the same. Yes, I understand that game developers should always be inovating and adding to their games, but it just seems like there is a daily watch on nerfs and buffs. I feel like I should be watching a Dow Jones ticker on the progress of the latest changes. If nothing else, all of my mods will break, I just know it!

Can your write the right way? Blizzard wants you. My writing is better for inserting fiction into fact and then making readers figure out which is which. But if you have have a creative gene then you may win a trip to Blizzard Entertainment in the OC. Even though I know nothing of writing fiction, I feel that I must forward some tips:

If your story starts with a creepy old guy that shows up to tell a boy he is powerful, then hit the delete key and start over.

One caveat: If the creepy old guy is James Earl Jones, then it's ok.

If you use Zerg as a verb, delete it and use "bum rush" instead.

Feel free to insert the current crop of Blizzard names; for example. "The vapor-laden crab took on a shimmering quality. Yes the ghost crawler was truly frightening in the way it switched and swayed, never making committments to any specific direction."

The life in WoW right now is pretty good, but I have pretty high expectations for patch 3.1 starting with the name. It needs a name, so what's it going to be? They tend toward book titles like "Echos of Doom" but maybe they'll switch it up on us this time. I'd love to see a patch name that really shows truth in advertsing for patch 3.1 such as:
  • "Druid Tanks Declawed"
  • "Making the game even easier so start bitching about how hard it used to be"
  • "Like that last party in Stratholme, Arthas is showing up late to make an entrance."
  • "We're giving you Dual spec, now leave us alone so we can get some sleep"
  • "Yes, we like the Horde better, and we only play Paladins."
I'm sure you can beat those, what would you name Patch 3.1? Are you going to enter the writing contest? Drop by and let us know.

Don't forget to wear green on Tuesday! 

Until next week, have fun and thanks for reading,

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