Jumpgate, LEGO Universe, and Gazillion - An Exclusive Interview with Scott Brown

Posted Tue, Mar 17, 2009 by Cody Bye

This morning, various publications across the Internet (including Ten Ton Hammer) were picking up on the news that Gazillion was emerging as a major publisher of MMOs, with a Marvel Universe MMO clearly in the works. On top of that, NetDevil and their two upcoming games, LEGO Universe and Jumpgate Evolution, would now be a part of Gazillion Entertainment. But what does this mean for the upcoming release of JGE? Ten Ton Hammer sat down with NetDevil's president, Scott Brown, to find out more. Thankfully, the news is good, so make sure you keep reading!

Ten Ton Hammer: Congratulations! I bet you're really excited about this entire process.

Scott Brown: The whole deal actually went down last summer, so it's really business as usual for us now.

Ten Ton Hammer: Why'd the announcement take so long to come into the public eye?

Scott: Gazillion had a plan concerning how they wanted to come out and be public. They wanted to line a lot of stuff up, so they could really come out with a bang.

Ten Ton Hammer: What does this mean for Jumpgate Evolution and LEGO Universe?

Scott: The big thing this means is that we get to focus more on our games, rather than on operations and finance, which is awesome. Those things aren't our skill set. From the business sense, it simply means what it always means: that we have time and money to do things the right way. The Jumpgate team has already significantly grown since the deal was made. It already means that we have a better team. Not only do we not have to spend our time trying to build the best customer service platform and the billing system put together, it also means that we've hired more people.

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