Spellborn Open Beta Kicks Off

Posted Fri, Mar 20, 2009 by Cody Bye

It seems like just last week that the Ten Ton Hammer staff was writing up a press release from the crew at Acclaim / Spellborn and how they were entering a more "open" form of their closed beta. was just last week! It seems that a week was enough time to prep the Spellborn servers, and players are now invited to check out the open beta.

Unfortunately, not everything is so open. It seems that the developers have already turned on the "premium service" portion of Spellborn, which means that the "free to play" zone is in effect and thus the game is limited despite it still being in beta. Here's the official email:

The Chronicles of Spellborn Open Beta Begins March 20, 2009

To join the Open Beta for The Chronicles of Spellborn, players can activate their Acclaim accounts on the activation page.

Once you have downloaded the game client activate your account and start playing the game.

For the Spellborn Open Beta, a new PvE (Player vs Environment) server called “Dorzhan” will be opened. Meanwhile, players who want to experience PvP (Player vs Player) action can join the “Deiquonril” server. And with the transition from Closed to Open Beta, all player accounts will be wiped so everyone must start their characters again from scratch.

In addition, Premium Subscription service will be enabled allowing players to experience the full game past the Free to Play zone restrictions. Premium Subscriptions will be available for purchase from the Spellborn website, with a special limited-time introductory pricing offer on 30, 90, and 180 day subscriptions.

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