Ether Saga Dev Diary #1 - The Transformation System

Posted Fri, Mar 20, 2009 by Cody Bye

Ether Saga Online has a wide variety of features in the game that will appeal to both new and experienced MMO players. One of the most unique features is the transformation system. With the transformation system, players can take the form of different monsters from the game.

How It Works

Transformations are available as cards that can be purchased, rewarded from a quest or obtained from defeating monsters. When you use the card, you will be able to transform into that monster. You have a set number of transformations, so use them wisely!

Once you transform, you will take on that monster’s appearance until you transform back into your human form. Transforming into monsters cost vigor, which is one of the resource bars for characters that is used for special abilities. Some of the more powerful cards also consume mana when transformed.

When transformed, your base attack will change to be the monsters. For example, a flying drake will breathe fire on enemies. You will keep the rest of your skills though and can use them in combat.

Benefits of Transformations

Transforming into a monster has many benefits. The first benefit is that most transformations will grant you bonus stats or skills. For example, the Azure Pegasus will give an extra +2 to Evasion. You can use these skills to augment your character in particularly tough situations.

The second benefit is that it can shield you from mobs that would normally attack you. For example, if I transform into a Stout Tiger and walk by the Stout Tiger monsters, they will not attack. It can really help in areas where multiple monsters types reside by allowing you to focus on what you need to kill without worry about drawing aggro from other monsters.

The last benefit is the most important: the monster dominance system. There are nine monsters types in the game. Each monster type has increased strength to one type and increased weakness to another. If you are fighting a Haunten monster, you will be extra weak against it since your character is Humanoid. However, you can transform into a Florax monster, which is extra strong against Hauntens. A full chart is listed at the end of the article.


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