Warhammer Online Grab Bag

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It's time again for another round of question and answer time from the Mythic development team regarding issues in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. This session covers various subjects including friendly collision, paid server transfers, and oh so much more. If you are looking for answers to your burnings questions this is a great place to start.

Q. Will the Slayer get a pull-type ability, to match the Choppa's Git to Da Choppa? If not, why?

A. No, Slayers do not have a mirror of that ability (and Choppas donÂ’t have a mirror of Inevitable Doom or Deep Wound, and Slayers donÂ’t have a mirror of CanÂ’t Stop Da Chop, etc.). While the career pairings do follow similar paths, they still keep some unique points all their own!

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