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Lineage Dev Diary - Exclusive Reveal of Episode U

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In an attempt to revitalize the Lineage franchise and stick with their recently touted AAA MMO ideals, NCsoft West is hard at work and will be adding more content to the game in an upcoming update in April. To unveil their content updates to North American audiences, the NCsoft West Lineage dev team called on Ten Ton Hammer to spread the word and showcase the list of upcoming game additions. This is an exclusive sneak peek at ALL the features being updated in Episode U, so don't miss out and make sure you direct interested individuals to Ten Ton Hammer!  

  • Pet PVP Matches
    • Now you can test your pet against your friends’ pets to see which one is stronger!
    • Prizes exist for the pets who win the matches after paying entry fees to participate.
    • Pets must be level 5 or greater in order to participate.
    • Pets cannot be controlled once they are in the ring, it is up to them!
To check out the exclusive reveal of Lineage's Episode U, click here!
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