A History of Kings

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The Bitter Rivals Live Event is over and there are Slayers and Choppas running al over Warhammer Online... but what's next? In April we have the Beyond the Sands event, which will introduce us to Nehekhara, the Land of the Dead. To prepare us for the coming of this event, the Tome of Knowledge has done an excellent write up on the history of the Tomb Kings.

Upon SettraÂ’s death, the Priests did evoke powerful incantations over his embalmed body and a great tomb was erected in the sands. A large pyramid of white stone was built and SettraÂ’s wrapped corpse was placed inside for the Liche Priests of the Awakened knew that even though they couldnÂ’t halt death, they knew that one day they would discover a method of bringing a body back to life from death. It was only a matter of time.

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