LOTRO Welcome Back Weekend Begins

Posted Thu, Mar 26, 2009 by RadarX

Turbine wants you to come back and check out all the new feautres in Lord of the Rings Online. To motivate such a venture, they are offering free gameplay starting today and ending March 31st. Oh but there is more! Everyone in the game is currently receiving a +25% bonus to their experience. The only downside is this applies to previous subscribers only, so if you haven't played before stop being lazy and get the trial. Plenty of reasons to return are listed below:

To help celebrate our latest free update for LOTRO we'd like to welcome you back for an extended weekend of free gameplay from March 26-31, 2009*. In addition, there is a +25% bonus experience boost on mob kills for everyone playing on those days!**

The latest free update for THE LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE, BOOK 7: LEAVES OF LÓRIEN is now available. It includes some great features we think you’ll enjoy. Here are some things waiting for you when you come back to LOTRO for these free play days:

* GAIN FREE LEVELS! – Recent game enhancements will let your existing characters gain free levels the first time they earn any XP!
* PLAY YOUR OLD CHARACTERS - They're Waiting Right Where You Left Them!
* NEW REPUTATION FACTION - The Elves of Lothlórien
* NEW 12-MAN RAID - Head to the Waterworks of Moria!
* NEW BEGINNER EXPERIENCE - Level Faster, New Quests & Tutorials
* QUEST GUIDE FEATURE (Beta) - Track Active Quests on World Maps
* THE SPRING FESTIVAL RETURNS - Enjoy New Tasks and Activities

Source: Official Lord of the Rings Online Site

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