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Gunner The gunner can damage a whole column of enemies at once. The gunner is a Rank D, or beginner level, ranged fighter that...


The gunner can damage a whole column of enemies at once.

The gunner is a Rank D, or beginner level, ranged fighter that helps players bypass the frontline defenses of the enemy. The gunner's primary starting magic, Wild Shot, deals physical damage to enemies in a column.

Official Description

No enemy can hide from the gunner, whose powerful rifle shoots bullets straight through its target, hitting three enemies in a line.

They have high HP for a long range mercenary, but due to their low defense they aren't suited for frontline combat.

If you prefer spreading damage over many enemies at once to focused fire, you might want to choose a gunner.

Attack Type

The gunner attacks up to three enemies in the same column at once with her rifle. Her attacks are not as strong as those of the archer or the artilleryman, but her ability to target any enemy is useful. Like the archer, she can target flying enemies, making her the sole source of damaging multiple flying targets at Rank D.

Wild Shot deals high damage to the target and slightly less damage to any enemies behind the target in the column. Wild Shot can hit up to three enemies in a column, but players may choose to target the second or third enemies to get increased damage on a specific foe. Wild Shot will not hit any enemies in front of the target in the same column.

On the brink of death, gunners can use Deadly Shot, which allows them to deal massive burst damage.

Attributes and Upgrades

A gunner has the lowest strength (STR)  but the second best dexterity (DEX) among Rank D mercenaries while the rest of her attributes fall somewhere in the middle. Players can upgrade her at level 20, 50, 80, and 100 with Ashen Jewels. As she progresses, the gunner falls behind her ranged rank D peers in attack power and vitality (VIT), which lessens the impact of her decent defense (DEF) score.

The saving grace of the gunner is the ability to hit a column of enemies at once.

Statistics (not including equipment or Growth Vials)
Gunner 150 220 220 170 180 225
Gunner Ace 160 240 250 190 250 225
Sniper 170 280 280 240 350 225
Oichi 180 310 310 270 450 225
Hero Oichi 192 331 331 288 570 225

The ability to strike multiple foes will serve players well in the beginning.


Gunners are available as mercenaries from level one, and their ability to spread damage keeps them useful until about level 30, when artillerymen become recruitable. Gunners start out roughly on par with archers for damage and have the advantage of hitting multiple foes. They should be protected by a front line character that can shield their lower VIT.

Wild Shot provides better damage as a special attack skill than the archer's Silence or the artilleryman's Deep Insight, but it lacks their extra benefits or the damage power of most melee skills.

In the beginner levels, the gunner is powerful because of the ability to hit multiple enemies at once. Two gunners can make a debilitating ranged attack prior to level 30. The problem with using two gunners comes from trying to protect them and a shaman in the party at the same time. An exposed gunner is soon a dead gunner. Because using two gunners also likely means the absence of an archer and the useful Silence spell, hiring two gunners is not advised.

For players who want to damage multiple targets, the artilleryman makes a better choice at level 30. As Rank C units become available, the player gains access to the janissary and inventor classes. Inventors are easily better but require level 84 and a quest series to unlock. The janissary is better than the gunner but requires level 96. This makes the gunner the clear choice of gun users for two-thirds of the game. Except against flying enemies, the artilleryman is almost always the better selection.

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