The Launch That Faced Thousands of Ships

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Danny "Ralsu" Gourley got a taste of how astrologists who write for their local newspapers must feel when a Sagittarius finds a $5 bill after reading that "your finances will improve." This week, Frogster announced that the retail box for F2P title Runes of Magic had surpassed World or Warcraft in the European sales charts. If one of Ralsu's ideas for how to pave the way for F2P games to have success in the West works, what other "crazy" ideas do he have?

The full impact of Frogster's choices will be difficult to measure for a while yet, but the sales charts don't lie: there is room for success in the West if a F2P game is built well, handled properly, and marketed wisely. In the short term, the first dent into the armor of F2P skeptics is here.

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