WAR: Preview for Patch 1.2.1

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It's not an epic level patch, like 1.2 was, but the latest patch for Warhammer Online looks to have some interesting items in it. As he often does, Mark Jacobs takes through a preview of the patch to come. One that includes a return to Nordenwatch and the Gates of Ekrund, the Keep Upgrade System, and a few other things to make the game even better than it is now.

RvR Zone Control Rewards- We have made a number of improvements to reward players receive for capturing an entire zone as opposed to individual Objective and Keep captures. Battlefield Objectives will also buff players in the zone, and the players who have captured a Keep or Battlefield Objective will also see a doubling in the amount of Renown gained when the zone is captured.

You can read the full list of things to come in Patch 1.2.1 over at WAR Herald!

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