Making Mountains of Molehills Mission Guide

This mission series is part of the new player tutorial process for the Gallente race.  It works specifically to assist the young industrialist in their journey to learn how to gather...

This mission series is part of the new player tutorial process for the Gallente race.  It works specifically to assist the young industrialist in their journey to learn how to gather materials and create through manufacturing.  These 10 quests will net you some valuable resources, ships, and knowledge and should be something every aspiring EVE Online crafter goes through!

The series is a set of 10 missions.  I did these over several days mostly because gathering resources and manufacturing can be exhausting and takes a bit of time, but you could certainly get these done within a day of playing.  Just remember not to accept a mission until you are prepared to complete it.  Putting a mission off often loses you bonus rewards which can be sometimes even more impressive than the original reward.

This guide will walk you through each mission, step by step, and offer tips for the new player.  If you have any questions regarding these missions that aren't answered here then please visit our forums to ask!


Making Mountains of Molehills: Mission 1 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Mine all the veldspar ore in the asteroid field your agent sent you to and bring it back to your agent.
REWARD: Miner 1
BONUS REWARD: 124000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: You will be warping to a nearby asteroid field that will contain mostly barren asteroids. Use your overview to find a mineable one and approach it. Set your distance and just start mining! Once you have enough, warp back to the station to complete the mission. If you accepted this mission without having a cargo hold large enough to keep all of the veldspar, no worries! You'll just need to make two trips. Take your first batch back to the station and place it in your items window, then warp back out to get the rest. In order to complete the mission, all of the veldspar will need to be in one stack in your items window.

Making Mountains of Molehills: Mission 2 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Your agent wants you to find an asteroid belt and mine at least 333 units of veldspar, which you should then refine. Go back to your agent and talk again once you've done so. In return, Timestre Facent will give you a new mining frigate.
REWARD: New frigate ship
BONUS REWARD: 42000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Undock and right click in space. Choose to warp to one of the local asteroid fields then mine the required amount of veldspar. Return to the station, put the acquired veldspar into your items window then use the refining plant window from your station information. Refining the veldspar will turn it into what you need to complete the mission. Save the materials because you will need them for the next mission!

Making Mountains of Molehills: Mission 3 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Build two civilian afterburners.
REWARD: Expanded Cargohold 1
BONUS REWARD: 76000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: This is EVE Online's version of crafting and a good introduction to the basics. The materials left over from your previous mission may not be enough to complete this mission so if you need more, you'll have to head out to gather then refine additional veldspar.. You need to be on a station that has a Science & Industry section (found on your station info window) and an Industry skill of level one. The tutorial should have the directions to walk you through this part but if you were silly enough to close your tutorial, here is that info:

Right-click your blueprint and select manufacturing. Press Pick Installation. This window allows you to choose where you want to
manufacture the items. Just keep the default settings for now In the lower part of the window is a list of all the assembly lines in your
current station. Find an assembly line in the list that says Now under "Next free time. Then press Use assembly line.

You should now be back in the manufacturing window. There you can set the parameters of the job.

• Installation: This is the location of the assembly line you just selected
• Blueprint: This is the blueprint you are about to use for manufacturing
• Input/Output: The input and output hangars for the job
• Runs: This sets how many batches you want to produce. When you are producing modules or ships this will always be one item per
batch. Smaller items such as ammo can be 100 items per batch.

If you are on an industry mission, change the runs to 2 but leave the other settings. Press OK.

You should now have a window quoting you the total production materials, production time, costs and other assembled information
about your production job. If everything is as it should be then you can click Accept Quote to start the job.

Click Science & industry on your Neocom to bring up the Science and Industry window where you can watch you production job.
Press Get Jobs to get information about all currently active manufacturing jobs. When the job state has changed from In progress
to Ready you can select it in the list and press Deliver to retrieve the items produced.

Congrats, you've made something and completed this mission!

Making Mountains of Molehills: Mission 4 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Destroy the rogue drones and mine the veldspar for your agent. You'll need to refine the ore into minerals when you return to the station.
REWARD: Miner 1
BONUS REWARD: 102000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Warp to location and be ready for a small battle! Two drones will attack you immediately. They aren't difficult kills but if you haven't yet added shield boosters they might do a fair amount of damage. Take them out then go ahead and mine the materials you need. I loaded up on veldspar and got more than enough plus extra to refine into the required tritanium.

Making Mountains of Molehills: Mission 5 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Deliver items safely to the destination.
REWARD: Cargohold I
BONUS REWARD: 42000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: This is just a simple delivery mission. Be sure to grab the items from your items window and drop them into your cargohold. Set destination, undock, then be on your way!

Making Mountains of Molehills: Mission 6 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Create 20 units of Cap Booster 25.
REWARD: 91000 credits
BONUS REWARD: 100000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Another mission that has you creating things! For this one, you'll need a wider variety of materials. The Cap Boosters take tritanium, mexallon, and pyrite. The best hope you have of getting all three of these in reasonable amounts is by mining Plagioclase asteroids. If you can't find them in your immediate system, a nearby system will likely have it. Don't travel to anything less than 0.7 security and you should be okay.

Make your stacks of Cap Boosters and turn them in for reward. Keep the Cap Boosters for the following mission!

Making Mountains of Molehills: Mission 7 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Deliver your new Cap Boosters to the stated destination.
REWARD: Injector System I
BONUS REWARD: 10000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Put the new Cap Boosters into your cargohold from the items window and set destination! All you need to do is drop it off to complete this mission.

Making Mountains of Molehills: Mission 8 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Create a civilian shuttle.
REWARD: 34000 credits
BONUS REWARD: 46000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: After all the previous manufacturing that you have done, this should be cake! We are just making an itty bitty ship and if you've been saving the materials from the past missions then you may just have enough to do this one without hunting for materials! This item needs tritanium and quite a bit of it. Luckily that is easily accessible from refining the veldspar that you can find in any of the nearby asteroid fields.

Making Mountains of Molehills: Mission 9 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Fly to the objective location, mine some ore and destroy the pirates that show up.
REWARD: 47000 credits
BONUS REWARD: 44000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Finally! A little bit of death and destruction with all that manufacturing! Warp into the location and start mining one of the nearby asteroids. After a couple minutes of mining, a pirate ship will fly in and start attacking. This is an easy kill and should be totally doable with the newbie rig set up. Once you've destroyed the pirate, get close enough to loot the cargo container and grab the researcher and take it back to the station.

Making Mountains of Molehills: Mission 10 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Create a frigate ship
REWARD: Cargo tugger ship
BONUS REWARD: 179000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: This mission takes quite a few new materials that you probably haven't worked with before and ones that can be a chore to find. You'll find most of what you need in 0.7 systems (use your map to find these systems) but there are a couple that are needed from less secure areas. The zydrine and nocxium can be difficult to get for a newbie so if you can't find them in the allotted time, you can always buy what you need. It's not very cost effective but it's a bit better than letting the mission expire. Luckily you have plenty of time to hunt for materials!

Congrats! By the time you're done with this series you've acquired skills, credits, ships, ship gear, and a much better understanding of how to play EVE Online!

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