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Runes of Magic Releases Ravenfell Expansion

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It's hard to believe it but a mere three weeks after Runes of Magic launched they are already expanding their content. Introducing the new high level zone called Ravenfell, players level 45-50 can expect a piratey setting and plenty more content which sounds crazy considering the already 1600 available quests. More in their press release and some screenshots of the new area below:

Just three weeks after the launch of Runes of Magic Frogster is expanding the game world with new content. The newly launched update makes fresh features immediately available: The high level zone ‘Ravenfell’ now offers exciting adventures and challenges to level of 45 - 50 players in a Caribbean setting, bringing Runes of Magic’s total quest-count up to over 1,600 quests. Additionally the ‘Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom’ dungeon challenges mid-level players, despatching them to the forgotten fortress of the Ice Dwarves. Offering something of a change from levelling and collecting equipment, the ‘Wind-Runner Races’ is already the second mini-game in the fantasy world of Taborea. Heroes from level 35 can look forward to the new Elite skills which will further expand their dual class abilities. However, new players aren’t being short-changed either. A completely reworked tutorial eases the path for budding heroes in their entry into the online role-play game. In addition, the patch optimises the localisation of areas, items and quest texts. “This content update meets the wishes of our players by further expanding the high level area.” commented Runes of Magic PR Manager, Philipp Senkbeil on the new features being built-in so shortly after the game launch. These seamlessly join up with the content that was already implemented at the launch, such as the difficult instance, the ‘Kalin Shrine’. There is also a new dungeon, ‘Treasure Trove’ which is set to appear in the near future.
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