SWTOR New Featured Zone and Images!

Posted Fri, Apr 10, 2009 by Savanja

The latest images and lore from Star Wars: The Old Republic have been released! This week the planet Ord Mantell is the focus. This planet is vastly different than any of the other we have yet seen. Bearing an unforgiving terrain of rock and lava, it is clear that war has nipped at this planet for untold ages.

The mountainous plains and volcanic islands of Ord Mantell are littered with the ravages of a ruthless civil war. Republic forces are fighting elusive Separatists who are conducting guerilla style strikes against both military and civilian targets. Adding questions to an already questionable situation, the planet's government, though loyal to the Republic, is merely a puppet regime for underworld concerns.

You can read more about Ord Mantell on the official SWTOR website and you can catch the latest screenshots below or visit our SWTOR image gallery to see all of our Star Wars: The Old Republic screenshots.


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