Runes of Magic Easter Egg Hunt

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Easter may be over, but the fun doesn't have to end! Ten Ton Hammer is participating in the Runes of Magic Taborean Easter Egg Hunt, and you'll find your first egg on this very page. Can you find all eleven? From the Runes of Magic official site:

The Taborean Easter Bunny is on his way. We've hidden several Rune-decorated Easter Eggs on our site and other participating sites, and it's your turn to find and count them.

These runes come in three colors:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green

Each participating site will have a different number of rune eggs in each color. From April 12-April 19, players just need to visit one of the participating sites and count the rune eggs to enter the event. Winners will be chosen from all of the entries and receive some cool in-game items!

All sites have the following prizes to give away:

  • Baby Ice Frog - Pet Egg (30 Days)
  • Wetland Poison Frog - Pet Egg (30 Days)
  • Goblin - Pet Egg (30 Days)
  • Little Death - Pet Egg (30 Days)
  • Little Giant - Pet Egg (30 Days)

Each winner will receive one pet, additionally all winners will receive:

  • Egg Rice Dumplings (stack of 10)
  • Chocolate (stack of 10)
  • Chocolate Crisp (stack of 10)

So get going and see if you can find them all!

When you're finished counting all the red, green, and blue eggs, go to this page on the Runes of Magic site and report your tally to win great prizes. Enjoy!

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