Guide to Mabinogi’s Giants

Introduced with Pioneers of Iria, the expansion to Nexon’s Mabinogi, Giants hail from the frozen lands of Physis on the continent of Iria. Humans can visit them via a Mana Tunnel, but...

Introduced with Pioneers of Iria, the expansion to Nexon’s Mabinogi, Giants hail from the frozen lands of Physis on the continent of Iria. Humans can visit them via a Mana Tunnel, but Giants are at war with Elves. Giants are the largest of the races in Mabinogi; they can even carry a human companion on their shoulders. All Giants are proficient in melee combat and can dual wield blunt weapons.

Benefits of being a Giant

  • Enjoy high melee combat proficiency
  • Become devastating with 2H weapons
  • Dual wield blunt weapons
  • Improvise an emergency weapon out of some trees
  • Use Assault without a shield
  • Throw spears
  • Get skills for minimal AP
  • Carry one human companion
  • Move faster than humans
  • Morph into a Beast to eke out more damage

Drawbacks of being a Giant

  • Deprived of shields
  • Denied use of some musical instruments
  • Blocked from using archery combat skills and weapons
  • Suffer from low dexterity and intelligence
  • Limited to small selection of armors
  • Attacked by Elves
  • Expend large amounts of energy on skills and spells
  • Forced to ride only one Giant per pet while other races can share rides on some pets

Giant + Savage Beast mode = kicking tail and taking names.

Equipping a Giant

Giants are big targets that will get hit a lot because of their low dexterity. To make matters worse, armor for Giants is not as good as armor you can find for humans and Elves, and you won’t be able to use a shield. Instead, your focus should be on gearing up to deal damage quickly and relying on your hearty Giant frame to survive the onslaught.

The big debate over weapons for Giants right now centers on dual wielding blunt weapons versus carrying a two-handed weapon. In groups, it is advisable to wield two blunt weapons, such as maces, to dish out damage. With two swings, you will have two chances to hit. For solo play, the risk of swinging a 2H delivers the reward of an extra chance to stun enemies. Stunned enemies can’t hit you, so that’s not a bad option.

Savage Beast Mode

Giants possess and innate ability to morph into Beast mode and “bring the pain” to enemies. Your Giant will change its physical appearance (skin color darkens and spikey fur appears) and grow a bit larger. Mabinogi veterans will recognize this as being similar to the Paladin/Dark Knight transformations of humans, but the important thing is that Beast mode boosts stats and opens up special skills. The length of time you can remain in Beast mode depends on your level. Few things in Mabinogi are as impressive as a Giant in Beast mode releasing a punishing blow with a 2H weapon.

Dealing with Elves

Elves and Giants are hated enemies, so you will be kill-on-sight if you try to enter the Elven city of Filia. Any time you flag yourself for PvP, Elves will be looking to take a shot at you, too. You’ll find Elves can run circles around you if you are not careful. They are nimble, so the trick is to back them into a corner and force them to fight toe-to-toe.

Dealing with Humans

One of your goals as a Giant will be to persuade humans to join the battle against Elves. Keep in mind that not every human will be convinced that your cause is righteous; you could end up with some nasty PvP surprises if you forget. Humans are slower than Giants but tend to have better armor and a wide selection of skills. Look to strike them and then move away in a sort of jab and weave pattern.

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