WoW: The Argent Tournament Coming to Northrend

Posted Wed, Apr 15, 2009 by Messiah

If you love a good fight, then the Argent Crusade may have what you're looking for. With the new patch there is a whole new way to get items, through the Argent Tournament.

As players begin to discover the many Secrets of Ulduar in patch 3.1, the Argent Crusade invites Azeroth's bravest heroes to prove their worth in the Argent Tournament. In preparation for a fatal blow against the Lich King and his Scourge, the Argent Crusade will be hosting competitive games, giving players another chance to build reputation with the capital cities of the Horde and Alliance. The most battle-hardened contestants will have access to a host of enticing items as the Argent Crusade begins construction on the Coliseum, where valorous battles testing the might of all challengers are to come. Let the games begin!

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