EVE Online: Newbies in Space

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For anyone that's been eager to jump into EVE Online now that Apocrypha has seen its official launch, Ten Ton Hammer certainly has the best selection of EVE editorials to whet your appetite. Don't believe me? Just check out The Mittani's latest feature titled "Newbies in Space." Once again, this weekly columnist gives readers a taste of what EVE is all about, even for the low folks on the totem pole. Enjoy!

Even in this dark era, however, it was possible for a single newbie to make a difference. Scorned and ignored in 0.0, a newbie who managed to overcome the endemic fear of losing his ship that plagued most Empire-dwellers could wreak havoc. Armed with knowledge and training, even though he lacked in skillpoints and isk, one pilot, Paradigmblue, managed to tackle and hold a Moros dreadnought barely four days into EVE. "Two points on the Moros" became a rallying cry of the power of the newer players against the old.

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