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Over the next few weeks,Ten Ton Hammer will be taking a look at several leveling guides. We'll be covering in-game paid leveling guides, as well as some free guides available for use on the...
Over the next few weeks,Ten Ton Hammer will be taking a look at several leveling guides. We'll be covering in-game paid leveling guides, as well as some free guides available for use on the internet. Every guide claims to be the fastest and the best, but which one really IS the best, and which ones are just cheap scams? We intend to find out. After we've reviewed them all, we'll have a comparison to see exactly which leveling guide reigns supreme.

Joe Iuliani takes a look at the Zygor's paid leveling guide.

Guide: Zygor's Guide

Website: www.zygorguides.com

Type: One time charge

$50 USD

Reviewed By:
No, Zygor’s Guide is not a handbook to a variety of alien probing locations. It, in fact, is the self proclaimed “best” of the top four World of Warcraft guides.  Not having tried the other top guides, I don’t know if I can support or deny their claim of being the “best”.  

Unfortunately the version of the guide I used was from the end of 2008, and according to the Zygor website there have been some significant improvements since then. One of these improvements addressed a major complaint of the guide. See more under “drawbacks”

The installation of the guide is not difficult.  It works like any other standard add-on. The drawback for me is that I had just changed to a Vista PC vs. an XP PC.  I was hoping for some instructions with the guide, but alas I was on my own, nothing a quick Google search couldn’t remedy. Let us all give thanks to Google for owning the entire internet. For those of you who purchase Zygor’s Guide, it now comes complete with a detailed installation video.


Once installed, the guide couldn’t be easier to use.  There are only two settings that users must choose. The first is what view of the guide they would like to use.  The BIG guide screen or small guide screen.  The BIG screen is way too intrusive to play with in my opinion, so stay small and stay focused. The second setting affects your map. Users can choose to have either their current objective marked on the map, or all objectives marked on the map.  I personally toggled between the two, but for the most part just kept the current objective setting selected.  It makes the map much less confusing.

Well you’re installed, you’ve chosen your setting selections, now it’s time to head out and start playing.  I used the guide as a Troll Shaman.  The guide instantly attunes itself to your starting zone, as well as the beginning class quests.

Zygor’s guide may more accurately be called a walk thru.  It provides step by step progression.  As you complete it step in the guide, the next step automatically advances.  An arrow appears beneath your character pointing you in the direction of your objective, as well as the estimated distance.  If this wasn’t easy enough for you, your objective is also marked with a dot on the maps. A dot will appear on both the main map and your mini map in the corner. To be honest, that really sums up the guide in its totality.  It truly is a very simple and easy to use.  The secret to the guide is economy of motion. By strategically choosing your hearth points and the order in which players quest the guide removes a lot of wasted wandering around time.  The guide’s selection of hearth points cuts down on a lot of travel. A tremendous benefit during levels 1-30, the dark pre-mount days.  Unfortunately the guide is not perfect hence forth…


  • The use of the Auction House to complete quests.  There were only three instances of this occurring, and in each three of them for me there were no available items on the Auction House.  It can be a little frustrating.  Just skip those quests and move on.
  • Grinding, way too many times grinding was the guide’s next suggestion.  I personally found that completely unacceptable.  There are so many quests in this game there should never be a reason to grind out experience anymore. Fear not, there is good news for you folks. As of February 24, 2009 the Zygor forums have stated that the update has removed all grinding from the guide.
  • Some of the suggested Wrath of the Lich King quests are listed solo quests, but they take a significant amount of time to complete.  Most notably any of the quests that required controlling another mob to defeat your opponent. Sure you can solo them, but it usually takes a couple of tries to get right. They just don’t seem to worth the experience vs. the time invested.
This list may seem a little petty, but during the usage of the guide I felt they deserved mention.

Be Aware of...

  • Training: The guide will not tell you when to train.  This is something a player needs to be aware of.  Following this guide can cause a certain amount of tunnel vision.  You certainly don’t need to train at every level, but keep it in mind every few levels.  Depending on your class your training locations are limited.
  • Professions: As with training, the guide doesn’t take into account your profession progression.  If you are a gatherer it can be extremely detrimental if you don’t keep your training in line with your zones. Don’t fall behind. Of course training and leveling professions does take up a certain amount of time.
  • Rested XP: Always remember to log at those inns and cities for that rested XP bonus. It may not be a lot, but some is better than nothing.

Time Trials

Zygor claims that players will level in seven days of game play. Their homepage does have a nice screen shot of “proof” of leveling. Forty Nine hours from levels 60-70, with a total time to 70 being 5 days, 20 hours, 58 minutes.  Of course I would like to point out that they leveled that time with a Warlock.  Warlocks being one of the quickest leveling characters in game.

For comparison purposes I was fortunate enough to have another Horde Shaman that had just hit level forty on another server.  The time comparisons are as follows:

Without Zygor’s Guide to 40: 5 days 3 hours 2 minutes 
With Zygor’s Guide to 40: 3 days, 6 hours,  10 minutes 
Total Savings: About 35% less time.

Followed by these two times:

My total time to 70: 8 days, 12 hours, 40 minutes
My total time to 80: 11 days, 15 hours, 21 minutes

In all fairness to the guide, that ending time may be a little skewed.  There was more than one instance of me falling asleep at the keyboard only to wake up and find myself disconnected.  I don’t know how much time that added to the total. I’m sure more proficient players would get closer to that seven day promise, I myself could not. Although a player new to World of Warcraft would have the learning curve to cope with in addition to the pressures of leveling.

In Closing

Zygor’s guide is an extremely useful and easy to use guide.  I would recommend it to players who may be working on a second or third character.  If you are new to the World of Warcraft I would try to steer clear of the guide.  It has a tendency to remove some of the fun from the game.  Take that time to read the quests and absorb some of Warcraft’s lore. Zygor’s guide is a hardnosed fast paced trek to 80.  It’s essentially a solo guide removing the need for groups or running dungeons, which are two major joys of playing any MMORPG. I know there is major drive to achieve level 80 these days, but trust me take your time getting there the first time.  There are many game dynamics to learn prior to hitting that level cap.

So swing by the Zygor website and take a peek at the improvements.  Additionally they have nice forum for users that may answer some additional questions folks may have.

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