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Level 1 Missions are intended for the young player starting out piloting a rookie ship or a frigate. Once you've progressed past these ships, you might want to start looking into more...

Level 1 Missions are intended for the young player starting out piloting a rookie ship or a frigate. Once you've progressed past these ships, you might want to start looking into more challenging (and better paying) level 2 missions.  These are still good for a quick credit or two and they will help you build standing as a new player, but if you continue on with these missions as a player with a bigger ship, keep in mind that you might stumble upon one or two of them that actually require that you pilot a smaller ship so make sure you have a frigate handy somewhere.

Below you will find a walk through for various level 1 missions.  Feel free to jump to whatever mission you need help with or browse for what is available.  If you have any questions regarding these missions that aren't answered here then please visit our forums to ask and check back here as more missions will be added regularly!


Amarrian Tyrants

OBJECTIVE: We've just detected a hidden Amarrian reconnaissance outpost nearby. I don't need to explain the threat to you, do I? We must wipe them out before they are able to expand their operations further into our territory. If you can take care of this problem for me, you will be well rewarded.
REWARD: 15000 credits
BONUS REWARD: 13000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Low paying job for a whole lot of work but this is a storyline mission that you really should complete even if you really don't want to.  Turning down these missions have a greater impact on your standing than typical missions.

Warping to location will bring you upon a acceleration gate that you will need to activate to reach your ultimate location. You'll find yourself flung not too far from a mob of ticked off pirates and a not very nice sentry post. You'll need to take out all of the pirates which isn't too hard as long as you have good protection via shields, armor, etc. These guys do hit pretty hard, but they also die fairly fast. Remember that you can always warp out and re-enter if things get out of control..

Desperate Measures

OBJECTIVE: Your primary target will be a subspace UDI data miner thought to have been picking up on our communications frequencies. Once it is destroyed, report back to us and we will send in another team for the next stage of the operation.

You will probably encounter some mercenary resistance in the area. Orders are to kill on sight, and to refrain from any and all communication that may uncover your involvement with us. Should you be captured, we will disavow any knowledge of your actions.
REWARD: 44000 credits
BONUS REWARD: 45000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Upon warping into the location, you'll need to deal with a handful of pirates. Once you've taken care of the enemy you can get down to business! Target the data miner, get yourself into optimal range, then start shooting! Once you've destroyed it you may return to the station for your reward.

Freedom and Commerce

OBJECTIVE: Destroy the Slaver Ship and rescue the slaves.
REWARD: 115000 credits
BONUS REWARD: 82000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Such a large reward for a level 1 mission! Don't be fooled kids, this one is rough and by the time you're done you'll feel as though you earned every penny.

First, this mission requires you to be in a frigate ship but it will need to be a very well equipped frigate and even then you may need to warp out to repair, then jump back in during the fight. Your biggest obstacle is the slaver ship but it can be less of a problem if you work around it.

Upon landing in the battle area, avoid the slaver ship by staying at least 30km+ away (set your distance by right clicking on the ship) from it until you are ready to fight it. The smaller ships will come for you and you can pick them off as they get in range. Once the little guys are dealt with, you want to quickly get close to the slaver ship. It has a bad close combat range which you can easily exploit by staying within 2000m. It will be a long fight but eventually you'll succeed.

The Blockade

OBJECTIVE: Pirates have set up a blockade near a hidden stargate in Isendeldik, and are swarming over any passersby, which are mostly merchants and civilians. Pirates tend to create these temporary blockades at ill-defended stargates, usually ones which have been set up by civilians and are not guarded by our forces. But we still have an obligation to protect the citizens of Sveipar. Fly to the stargate and eliminate the illegal blockade.
REWARD: 59000 credits
BONUS REWARD: 57000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: There are a whole lot of pirates at this location and you need to lay waste to them all! They spawn in groups so always take out the nearest group rest up a bit, then move on to the next group. As you make your way towards the civilian stargate, more will spawn.  You'll know when you're done when they stop coming at you!  It ends up being a long battle but it yields a good amount of ISK for the new player.

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