WoW Guides: Gems and Enchants for Your Mage

Posted Thu, Apr 23, 2009 by B. de la Durantaye

Adding gems and enchants to your World of Warcraft Mage gear plays a huge role in your personal progression. But what gems and what enchants are the best? There are many available, so to help streamline the options a bit, David "Xerin" Piner has written a guide on how to get the most from your gear with gems and enchants. Find out how you can optimize your mage game, or as Xerin would say, zombie killing.

There is only one thing to consider when loading up on gems, enchants, and glyphs. That is a simple and effective approach that I've followed for many years. How will these enchants help me kill a zombie. That's right. Think about it! Zombies and Ghouls in WoW hold the very core of the different abilities that others use. They can use magic to some extent, spew poison and disease, hit really hard, and can even run pretty fast. If thinking about zombies gives you the shivers then I'll use a secondary approach. Think about Murlocs. No one wants to think about Murlocs, though.

Read the full guide here.

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