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Champion's Bill Roper - Gamers Into Heroes

Posted Fri, Apr 24, 2009 by Savanja

Every MMOG ever made has had the challenge of making the everyday player feel like the hero. For Executive Producer Bill Roper that becomes literal with Cryptic Studios' superhero MMOG Champions Online. So how does one take an average person and make them feel like they can conquer anything? In a recent interview with OnlineWelten.com Bill Roper talks about just this.

Onlinewelten: Cryptic has already announced to develop the first true action-MMO ever. So what do you focus on while developing? PvP? PvE? What kind of gamer is your average player?

Bill Roper: The core goals of the game are to allow players to have a four-color comic experience within an MMO. This means offering as much customization as possible so players can create characters that come as close to their ideas as possible. This means not only how they look, but also what powers they can use, their origin, and then how they enhance their hero over time as they grow in experience. The combat system should feel exciting and action-oriented to bring that feeling of over-the-top superhero battles to life.

We also want players to do things outside of combat that support their super heroic endeavors – from scientific experimentation to building exotic devices to crafting arcane elements to investigating evidence and clues, and much more. If it makes the player feel heroic, we want to do it.

You can read more of this interview at OnlineWelten.com and check out their exclusive Champions Online screenshot here!


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