Exclusive Aion Class Interview #1 - The Gladiator

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If there's one thing that massively multiplayer online gamers love to learn about in upcoming MMOs, it's details about their potential character classes. To sate the ravenous appetite of the players, the Ten Ton Hammer staff will be bringing you exclusive, information-laden sneak peeks at Aion's eight character classes. Along with our other Aion content, we've scheduled the interviews to run on a bi-weekly basis, so make sure you check in with Ten Ton Hammer early and often.

The first class that we're going to be exploring is the Gladiator! As a member of the Warrior archetype, this brute excels at hand-to-hand combat with enormous two-handed weapons. Interested in learning more about this Aion class? Keep on reading!

Ten Ton Hammer: Being able to choose a Gladiator class seems to imply they'll have access to all forms of weapons, while possibly being limited in their armor choice. Will this be the case?

NCsoft: Gladiators are the masters of weaponry and can select from a variety of weapons from polearms to swords to fit their needs in battle. They are also versatile in their armor selection and may opt to use chain armor, but typically plate armor will achieve optimal results.

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