EVE Online: Sci-Fi Sharecroppers

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In the open-ended and highly competitive world of EVE Online, it pays to know the mistakes of the past to avoid them in the future. This week's Sins of a Solar Spymaster column penned by GoonSwarm's The Mittani explores what can occur when a smaller corporation becomes a "pet" of a larger alliance. The results of such an arrangement can be catastrophic, so make sure you check out the article and learn from the universe's previous errors.

Pets, vassals, tenants: there are many derogatory nicknames for these sci-fi sharecroppers. In the social hierarchy of EVE Online, they rank somewhere below Empire-bound mission runners and slightly above people who take WoW pvp seriously. Despite this, pets positively litter 0.0 space, and the 'pet system' has existed more or less unchanged for years. One of the largest alliances in the game, Shadow of xXDeathXx, is entirely comprised of the pets of Legion of xXDeathXx - and every month, like clockwork, the pay their rent.

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