City of Heroes Fifth Anniversary Interview with Matt "Positron" Miller

Posted Tue, Apr 28, 2009 by Cody Bye

Five years is a large stretch of time for the average human. Even for a centenarian, half a decade is a twentieth of their life, so to watch a fledgling MMO studio create the world’s first super hero MMO and release it to resounding success has been a privilege. This week, City of Heroes celebrates its five year anniversary, and the Ten Ton Hammer staff sat down with Lead Designer Matt "Positron" Miller to have a very honest discussion about the best and worst moments in the franchise, the future of the brand, and how the Paragon Studios team plans to remain competitive against the two newest contender to their super hero throne.

Ten Ton Hammer: Looking back, were there any horrible “Oh s&*#!” moments during the initial development and/or after launch? If so, how did the team handle the situation and what kind of resolution was there to the issue?

We had an Influence (money) dupe bug that was reported within 48 hours of the game going live. The player who reported it didn’t tell anyone else about it, and wasn’t looking for anything in return. It was because of his noble efforts that we created the Bug Hunter badge in order to have something to hand out to upstanding players who know when something is severely broken and let us know without abusing it themselves.

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