Free Realms to Become Everybody's Second Subscription?

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When Danny "Ralsu" Gourley got an urge to compete against another player in a hand of the Free Realms Trading Card Game, he realized that every minigame in Sony Online Entertainment's recently-released title promotes rivalry and competition. As he pondered that design element and the episodic play of the game, he latched onto the idea that SOE may achieved something no one has even tried to do before:

Realizing that every minigame in Free Realms is about winning or losing also forced me to recognize that it is an intentional design element. The concept of “e-sport” and reading In the Trenches came to mind. Clearly, competitive or scoreboard games are very popular on the web. Why wouldn’t someone look to combine the furor over MMOs with the thrill of a good showdown?

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