Perfect World International: Age of Spirits Dev Preview

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Our flagship title, Perfect World International has come a long way in just a few short months. The English- based, international version of Perfect World II is now one of the most popular 3D MMORPGs in more than 14 countries worldwide. Since its launch in September 2008, our total users has exceeded 1,000,000 players and in less than five months we increased our original two servers to a total of five, which are currently filled to the brim.

Perfect World has a large range of fun and in-depth gameplay systems not normally found in other MMOs— from the moment you begin for the first time, all the way to the level cap. For starters, PWI has an in-depth character customization system, similar to the level of customization found in AAA console titles. All aspects of the face and body- eyes, cheekbones, lips, torso and more - can be adjusted for the six different races to make the perfect character for every player.

In line with deep character customization, players can also customize their gear. With PWI’s dual layer equipment system, players can keep their stat boosting armor, while layering their fashion items over their normal equipment. This way, no one needs to sacrifice looks for practicality, and it also prevents all the end-game players from looking like clones of one another like in many other MMORPGs.

In terms of end-game content, a major draw for Perfect World International is the Territory Wars. The world of PWI is split into 44 territories, which are then separated by tiers. Guilds battle for ownership of these territories, and those who conquer a territory receive taxes each week as long as they maintain ownership of that territory. This can put a lot of gold in your pockets fast. These battles take place weekly and can support up to 80 vs. 80 players resulting in truly epic battles.

Just over six months after the launch of PWI, we have already reached our second expansion, “The Age of Spirits.” This expansion will launch the Genie system that will grant players a spiritual helper, similar to a pet but not meant for direct combat. Instead it will strengthen players by filling in aspects that they lack or further improving the existing character strengths.

As PWI continues to grow, we will always continue to add and refine our gameplay. The Genie system is just one way we’re providing more features to keep gameplay fresh and exciting. Next week, stay tuned for a closer look at Genie basics.
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