Perfect World Dev Diary #2 - The Genie System

Posted Wed, May 06, 2009 by Cody Bye

The second Perfect World International expansion, “Age of Spirits,” introduces a new layer of gameplay for even the most experienced PWI player to explore. With the Genie system, players can use a Genie to compliment their chosen class and round out their gameplay. The genies are non-corporeal entities that can assist in battle by casting buffs, debuffs and using new and unique abilities.

Genies 01

There are four different Genies, one of each season: Longevity (Summer), Discipline (Winter), Zeal (Autumn), Infliction (Spring). Each genie has a unique nascent skill when you first receive them, however, all other skills must be obtained through upgrading.

Genies can level up along with their masters. In addition to increasing their base stats, players can upgrade a Genie’s elemental affinity, with any of the five elements: Metal, Wood, Earth, Water and Fire. The elemental affinity will become important because different affinities will be the key to unlocking certain skills. Genies can have a maximum of 26 affinity points. If need be, a player can reset the Genie’s affinity points at the new NPC “Elemental Ambassador” in any of the five main cities.

Every Genie skill has 10 levels. The majority of the level one skills will have a requisite one point of a certain element. For example:
  • Adrenaline Surge requires one Metal point. This skill will make your character immune to Sleep.
  • Knack of Qi requires one Wood point. This skill will constantly drain a target’s mana.
  • Sandstorm requires one Earth point. This skill will blind targets, reducing their accuracy and casting speed.
  • Heal Ripple requires one Water point. This skill will regenerate the health and mana of friendly targets around you.
  • Explosion requires one Fire point. This skill will deal fire damage to all enemies near the target.

Genies 02

One interesting aspect of Genie skills is that some are location specific. Some Earth skills can be used only while on the ground, many water skills can only be used in Water and some Metal skills can only be used while in flight. Additionally, some skills are race specific— Hollow Fist is reserved for Venomancers only, or the skill Rainbow Blessing is restricted to the Winged Elf race.

Genies can learn new and forget old skills at the NPC Elemental Ambassador.

With the Genie system, there are almost no limitations to what you can improve. Strong class attributes can be strengthened or weakness negated. It is up to the player, and we feel this next level of customization will continue to elevate the PWI gaming experience.

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