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Champions Online Zone Preview

Posted Thu, May 07, 2009 by RadarX

The life of a super hero is sadly predictable requiring them to plow through thousands of minions just to stop one mastermind. Throwing criminals repeatedly in the air and hitting them with fire, ice and bullets may sound repetitive but we wouldn't change it for the world. Ten Ton Hammer got it's share of bad guys in Champions Online this last weekend and we bring back tales of the early levels which include the frozen wastes of Canada and a radioactive desert.

Even the vibrant colors of the game can't obscure the destruction of this part of the war torn city. Streets are broken, buildings collapsed, and enemies have overrun almost every inch save a few police barricades. You'll spend the first few missions having the controls explained to you, including how your powers work. After smashing up a few alien eggs you will be ready for a real fight, so the mayor will send you into a ruined City Hall to collect important documents. Subsequent missions will require you to collect a lost passport and suitcase, not to mention assist citizens harassed by groups of dangerous invaders. Enjoy the excitement of saving citizens while it's fresh, you'll be doing a lot more of it in the other areas. Destroying Qularr equipment, dodging glaringly obvious land mines, and even hurling mailboxes into the faces of your foes are just a few other tasks you'll accomplish.

Don't miss what you'll have to face! Be sure to read our Champions Online Zone Preview.


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