Earthrise VIP Interview with Atanas Atanasov

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Post-apocalyptic settings are all the rage these days, and our large contingent of Ten Ton Hammer Premium Members have fallen prey to the dystopian fever as well. For their latest VIP interview, the members decided to send their excellent questions to the Earthrise developers. With their usual flair, the Earthrise team answered a large chunk of the inquiries, including questions on the differences between Earthrise and other post-apocalyptic games, the skill system and its “caps,” the usage of vehicles, and more!

Ten Ton Hammer: Does Earthrise play similar to PlanetSide in some ways? (metal)

Atanas Atanasov: Like PlanetSide, Earthrise will feature dynamic combat that plays similar to third person shooter games, with emphasis on player skill in combat and emphasis on Player vs. Player gameplay. While the level of dynamic combat will be similar, Earthrise favors team play and customization of combat style with a large amount of abilities further tailored to the player's taste through tactical enhancements. Also, Earthrise focuses less on war itself and more on political and economic opportunities in times of turmoil between two opposing factions.

Ten Ton Hammer: What will separate Earthrise from the other "post-apocalyptic" games coming out soon? (Mordan)

AA: The game setting itself, the visual atmosphere and the gameplay of Earthrise differ from the stereotypical "post-apocalyptic" games on the market. While the game is set in a world that has survived destruction and is now inhabited by mutated monstrosities, it can be classified as "post-post-apocalyptic" as it is less about survival against the environment and more about what humanity would do if it won against the odds and is building a new society. Gameplay will also fluidly change from survival against the environment towards rivalry for the new resources uncovered and the power and influence associated in becoming part of the future of the Enterran population. Earthrise will also offer a true sandbox experience, giving players the chance to control certain zones and resources.

Ten Ton Hammer: Can you talk about the skill system in Earthrise? Is there a cap on how many skills a player can attain? (Arkane)

AA: Players will have access to a variety of combat, crafting and social skills that they can develop through combat, manufacturing and designing items, or as they acquire new offline professions. Certain logical actions for each type of skill, such as killing opponents for combat skills, will earn points that can be paid to advance skills. Each skill advancement to a new level will unlock new abilities for your character to use. Combat abilities can further be enhanced by opening Tactic slots which allow placement of Tactics - enhancement bonuses that modify the effect of the ability. There's no limit on how many skills a player can learn; given time and persistence, your character could attain all the skills in the game. Using the skills is a whole different matter though, as your equipment, armor and weapons, are prerequisites for using the abilities of each skill.

Ten Ton Hammer: Will there be mounts/vehicles in the game, how will they be used? (Clinique2)

AA: There will be vehicles in Earthrise that allow players to transport at high speed between locations, and also avoid risks such as wading your way through mutant infested locations or being ambushed by other players. While vehicles will not have any combat abilities, they also will have no cost associated with traveling. Mechas, huge massive robotic exoskeletons, will have imposing combat abilities but will require fuel to operate which will limit their use to urgent times such as siege territory attacks.


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