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Warhammer Online Games Day: The Future of Combat and Careers

Updated Thu, May 14, 2009 by Garrett Fuller

Are you tired of playing a melee class in Warhammer and getting killed by casters? At Baltimore Games Day we had a chance to sit down with Nate Levy to talk about careers, RvR, and class balance, which is a very touchy subject in Warhammer Online. Players have been crying “foul!” on Bright Wizard and Sorcerer area of effect attacks and the lack of survivability for tanks and DPS classes in the game.

Nate was quick to tell us that the Careers Team is taking a close look at crowd control groups right now. “We have to be careful with the changes we make to crowd control, one or two little changes can have big impacts in the game. That is why we tend to do smaller changes to crowd control as we assess the scope,” Nate said.

Melee classes may get some help against casters.

The largest issues right now players seem to be facing are the Bright Wizard and Sorcerer AOE groups in RvR. They are made up of a tank for protection, healers, and a Bright Wizard/Sorcerer who is spamming damage all around. Nate explained that these groups are a bit too effective and some changes are in the works. The Bright Wizard is the only career really doing anything active in the fight. Nate had this to say on the topic:

“Right now Bright Wizard and Sorcerer PBAOE bomb groups. People realize that these characters can do a lot of area damage, so they stack a group of a tank to guard, three healers, and a Bright Wizard and they do nothing but concentrate all these five people’s output through one person and they do very well at it,” he said. “Especially against uncoordinated groups who don’t realize you just take out the healers and the Bright Wizard is toast.”

“So that is the kind of thing you see right now, but next month it might be a different strategy that someone comes up with to work around that,” he continued. “We’re waiting to see players form an all ranged all knock back group to scatter the pack into six directions and focus their fire on killing them one at a time. That really is the answer to the PBAOE group.”

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