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Level 1 Missions are intended for the young player piloting a rookie ship or a frigate. Once you've progressed past these ships, you might want to start looking into more challenging (and...

Level 1 Missions are intended for the young player piloting a rookie ship or a frigate. Once you've progressed past these ships, you might want to start looking into more challenging (and better paying) level 2 missions.  The level 1 missions are still good for a quick credit or two, and they will help you build standing as a new player, but if you continue on with these missions as a player with a bigger ship, keep in mind that you might stumble upon one or two of them that actually require that you pilot a smaller ship so make sure you have a frigate handy somewhere.

Below you will find a walk through for various level 1 missions.  Feel free to jump to whatever mission you need help with or browse for what is available.  If you have any questions regarding these missions that aren't answered here then please visit our forums to ask and check back here as more missions will be added regularly!


The Endless Battle 1 of 2

OBJECTIVE: Obtain the stolen documents from the enemy ship.
REWARD: 17,000 credits
BONUS REWARD: 23,000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Enter the deadspace mission location and locate the enemy ship. He should be nearby and all by himself. All you need to do is destroy him then loot his ship for the stolen documents and take them to the designated station.

The Endless Battle (Encryption Code Book) 2 of 2

OBJECTIVE: Drop off code book to destination.
REWARD: 14,000 credits
BONUS REWARD: 15,000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Grab the code book from your items tab and drop it into your ship's cargohold. All you need to do now is deliver it to the destination. Be sure to speak with your agent at the destination to complete the mission.

The Hidden Stash

OBJECTIVE: Destroy the warehouse and retrieve the small sealed containers, eliminate the Angel Cartel threat, and then return to your agent with the goods.
REWARD: 54,000 credits
BONUS REWARD: 53,000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Warp into the deadspace location. You'll find a good party of pirates and they all pretty much come at you all at once. Take as many as you can as quickly as you can but remember that you can always warp out, recover, then warp back in if you get into trouble. Once you've destroyed all the bad guys, target the warehouse and start shooting. After a barrage of hits, it will blow up and leave behind a couple of cargo containers that have some loot as well as the containers you need to complete the mission. The mission containers take up quite a bit of space for a small ship so pick those up first before you start gathering up other loot.

The Heiress 1 of 5

OBJECTIVE:  Pick up item and deliver to station.
REWARD: 23,000 credits
BONUS REWARD: 24,000 credits

MISSION DETAILS:  You'll be picking up the Heiress's pet from the stated destination and returning it back to the station. You'll find the pet in the items window at your destination.

The Heiress 2 of 5

OBJECTIVE: Deliver goods to the Heiress's location.
REWARD: 9,000 credits
BONUS REWARD: 11,000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: More running around for the Heiress! This time you need to deliver an item from the station to the Heiress's location. Once at the location, speak with your mission agent to complete the mission.

The Heiress 3 of 5

OBJECTIVE: Mine 20 units of polygypsum and return to your agent.
REWARD: 54,000 credits
BONUS REWARD: 69,000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: You'll be mining a specific material that is only available for this mission. You won't be able to buy it or trade for it, so be sure that you have a mining rig attached to your ship and warp to the mining deadspace for your mission. It takes forever to mine all the units with a Miner 1. Once you have all of the materials, return it to your station.

The Heiress 4 of 5

OBJECTIVE: Deliver the "goods" to the destination.
REWARD: 9,000 credits
BONUS REWARD: 7,700 credits

MISSION DETAILS: This time you're playing courier directly for the Heiress. Grab the Heiress from your station items and chuck her into your cargohold. Dump her at the destination and complete your mission!

The Heiress 5 of 5

OBJECTIVE: Blow up the Heiress’s private transport, in accordance with her grandfather’s final wishes.
REWARD: 18,000 credits
BONUS REWARD: 19,000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Another cake mission! All you need to do is warp into the deadspace location, target the Heiress's ship, and start shooting! It'll be slow going at first but once you've made it through the shields, she just blows up! 

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