Ace Online Official Trailer - 05.13.09

Updated Wed, May 13, 2009 by Ethec

ACE Online

Introductory Trailer

The MMO world continues to look to the heavens in search of inspiration for the next big hit. With many big-name studios working on MMOs set in outer space, it's no surprise that free MMO developers are already exploring this uncharted territory. Now that gamers have so many choices, how's a player supposed to know which title has the best "pew pew" available? Suba Games would like to make the case for their take on space combat done right, ACE Online.

The ACE Online trailer features aerial dogfights, vicious fly bys, and heated mothership battles. It also alludes to fully customizable craft and a voice chat system built into the game. Not mentioned in the video is the special XP bonus give to players based on the number of friends logged in at a given time. Will the community log on and randomly add friends for the XP boost? Just watch the video and see if this is the space shooter for you!

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