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Aion Vooncast Q&A Transcript

Posted Tue, May 12, 2009 by Cody Bye

Last week, the Ten Ton Hammer staff had the fantastic opportunity to sit down with fiifty MMO fans and Ten Ton Hammer readers in a Vooncast focused specifically on NCsoft’s upcoming MMO, Aion: The Tower of Eternity. Since Aion has been such a popular topic, the Ten Ton Hammer staff quickly transcribed the entirety of the Aion audio recording and we now have the text version up for you to enjoy. But, if you really want to listen to the subtle nuances hinted at in the Vooncast, make sure you click here!

Ten Ton Hammer: The idea of crafting in Aion has been a little bit misconstrued in the community. Can you talk a little bit about crafting in Aion? Is it like a traditional MMO? Or a little different?

We give a lot of option in our crafting system. You’ll actually be able to pick up every profession: weaponsmith, armorsmith, alchemist… You can take all of those – I think – up a few hundred points. At that time, you’ll need to choose one of those to take up to an expert level. We try to give everyone a little bit of everything, it’s kinda similar to our class system as well.


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