Sins of a Solar Spymaster #11 - EVE and Loathing in Las Vegas

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During the last few months, Ten Ton Hammer patrons have read about the Mittani's entertaining antics throughout the galaxies in EVE Online. His actions in-game are often elusive and tainted with deception, but what about his real world persona? This week, we get a taste of the "real" Mittani as he regales us with his recount of the first EVE Vegas conference. Was it all spaceships? Or were there strippers involved? Keep reading to find out!

Attempting to break out of the clique I had arrived with, I noticed a table full of goons hanging out with Avalloc. I approached, announced something like "And who do we have here?" only to discover that I'd blundered into the developers - Oveur, Alli, Soundwave, Navigator and the 'Mystery Dev', an as-yet-unrevealed CCP employee on the game design team. As my jaw dropped, I recognized the Mystery Dev as my old bete noir Seleene, infamous former leader of the Mercenary Coalition and for many years a staunch foe of the Swarm. I had staggered onto my first source of spaceship words, and found it extremely awkward.

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