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The Squig cake said it all, Baltimore Games day was fun. Despite being sequestered in a conference room most of the day to see Land of the Dead we were able to get down to the show floor and check out some of the Warhammer and 40K goodness. In closing our coverage on Games Day this week we’ll walk trough some of the high lights from the show and some of the comments we got from the development team on Land of the Dead and the future of Warhammer Online.

Mythic did a great job showing as much to the press as possible, also allowing us to chat with key members of the team. On of the comments from Jeff Skalski that stands out was his wish list statement about the Orcapult. “I want a working Orcapult for siege weapons,” Jeff explained. In doing our Premium questions for the WAR team we found that there is still a lot to work on, and the wish list is still to come. Jeff explained that they are studying RvR very closely and working to make changes that will help the players in the long run. The team is looking for better ways to fix RvR and possibly extend city sieges so the players will always be fighting, even if the city is captured. Hopefully we will see these plans implemented in the coming months of WAR

The Tomb of the Vulture Lord.

Mark Davis was on hand to talk about Live Events in the game and explained that reopening the Tier 1 battleground Nordenwatch as an event was very successful. The team has a Live Event planned for The Land of the Dead, but he also said they are planning events throughout the summer and hopes that more Tier 1 content can be revisited by players. The Rise of the Tomb Kings event is set to open the new zone, and whoever can win the event will get 24 hour access to the new area before the other side can come in. The Realm War will definitely be raging that week.

Josh Drescher and Paul Barnett also took time to chat with us and answer fan questions. The main point of their answers is that Mythic continues to work hard on the game and make the changes needed for the best player experience. With Land of the Dead coming sometime in June there is a lot players can look forward too, some of the patches for the expansion will include fixes for bugs and game play issues. Overall the team and game continue to move forward for players. Many people on the Ten Ton Hammer forums have had complaints, but it seems like the developers are working to solve many of those problems.

Enter The Land of the Dead.

The future of Warhammer Online is uncertain. They have their core player base now and have not lost any numbers in the last quarter according to EA reports. The free expansion will launch in June and should give players plenty to do over the next several months. The question is what comes after that? Will we see a paid expansion or new classes and races for players? Will another faction be added, or will the other Capital Cities be opened for sieges? Unfortunately Mythic did not discuss these topics over the weekend. They are questions that continue to linger on the horizon for WAR, we can only hope that in time we’ll start to hear about more to come and get the issues and bugs fixed so players can continue the Realm War and explore The Land of the Dead. For now, the expansion, live events, and bug fixes seem to be enough work for everyone. 

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