War: Grab Bag No. 16 Answers More Questions

By Stacy Jones -

EA Mythic has released Grab Bag No.16 to answer several questions from players on the Official War Forums. Every so often, the developers take the time to pull several questions from the forums and address concerns by the players. Some of the questions addressed involve the process developers take to fix a problem, container and talisman power changes, scenario populations and much more.

Q. How are Scenario populations deemed "imbalanced?”  It's clear when it's 2 vs. 10, but I've been in some 9 vs. 12 (and maybe even 8 vs. 12) Temple of Isha Scenarios, which I think is a big enough gap to be considered imbalanced, but apparently the game doesn't (though I've just been looking at the Scenario summary page, which I suppose could list people that have left).

A. In Scenarios, anything below a 2:3 population ratio is considered imbalanced and will result in the Scenario shutting down prematurely. So, for example, 9 versus 12 is still considered balanced, but 8 versus 12 is not.

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