Jumpgate Evolution Interview with NetDevil President Scott Brown

By Stacy Jones -

Zam.com recently scored an interview with NetDevil President, Scott 'Scorch' Brown from the Login Conference in Seattle. In the interview, Zam hits on some good points relating to the first Jumpgate game and how it suffered from repetitive quests and a lack of storyline. Scott provides some insight into the story behind Jumpgate Evolution and how the gameplay will keep players coming back for more. To sweeten the interview, Zam also received new exclusive screenshots.

ZAM: Please, could you give us a brief overview of Jumpgate Evolution's storyline?

The back story is that humanity has been pulled to a new part of the universe, they don't know why and they don't know who lives here. The player comes into this story just after the first jumpgates have been built in this new part of space and first learn what has happened to their nation and then begin to define which role they want to play in this new space.

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