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Staff Farewell Tribute to Tony “RadarX” Jones

Posted Thu, May 21, 2009 by Cody Bye

Since the network’s birth, Ten Ton Hammer has been constantly shifting and evolving. While the network was growing from a fledgling few community sites to a sprawling swath of guide goodness, the staff was also churning, adjusting, and coming into our own. On a relatively frequent basis, new staff members are brought on board while others find jobs in the gaming industry or move on to different fields of interest. But through the years, a few staff members have stayed with the team for the long haul, and one of the longest careers on the network has been established by Tony “RadarX” Jones. Eventually, the developers at Sony Online Entertainment’s Tucson studio (the development house behind Pox Nora) came calling, and Tony couldn’t resist the urge to join his longtime friends at the online gaming conglomerate.

Tony will become the community manager for SOE Tucson.

For the staff members that worked with Tony at Ten Ton Hammer, his absence on from our forums, email exchanges, and instant messenger alerts will be heartbreaking. However, if there’s any method for one of our own to leave us, it’s always the most exciting when they can become an active part of the gaming industry. Tony will soon be an official Community Manager over at SOE Tucson, and I’m sure he has dreams to one day guide the community of EverQuest IV to their Norrathian paradise. Now he has that chance.

Though many of you already know that Tony got his start at Ten Ton Hammer, it’s certainly important to chronicle the list of games, columns, and events that Tony has worked on or been a part of over the past few years. Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

Tony was recruited to Ten Ton Hammer while staring at Antonia Bayle.

Back in 2005, Tony “RadarX” Jones was just a mild-mannered Floridian attending SOE’s latest FanFaire and hoping to see his fair share of the latest bikin-clad Antonia Bayle. He probably wouldn’t have guessed that he’d quickly be brought on board to help the network’s current Editor-in-Chief, Jeff “Ethec” Woleslagle, manage and operate the quickly expanding EverQuest II community site.

It was on a late September evening a lifetime ago in Internet years (2005), fittingly at an SOE community summit, where I first bumped into Tony. EverQuest 2 was a huge part of our network at that point, and I was looking for someone to take over the site. Through a fuzzy alcohol haze, I discovered that mild-mannered, even-keeled Tony had the knowledge, skill, and especially the sense of humor necessary to be our EQ2 lead.

While the graphics may have been bright and the displays nowhere near as slick as our current version of the network’s community sites, Jeff and Tony managed to hammer out a variety of content that brought in people by the droves. Tony’s spelling wasn’t going to win him any awards, but the overall EQ2 community had grown to love the polite, intelligent, RadarX.

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