Interview with Atlus Online's Jason Ruper

By Stacy Jones -

Zam.com recently got the chance to interview Jason Ruper from Atlus Online, the makers of Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent, the Steampunk themed MMOG now in its open beta phase. In the interview, Jason provides an overview of the games storyline and talks about the game's characters, races, character customization, PvP and much more. To make the interview shine a bit more, Atlus Online also provided five new screenshots of the game.

ZAM: The Neo Steam website mentions that “extensive character customization is just the beginning”. Can you explain what that means in some detail?

It means that not only do you customize your character in the conventional RPG areas (select from 7 races and 16 classes, choose which skills to learn and level up, etc.), but you also get to upgrade your gear with core machines that grant new abilities. Also, every player gets a pet which can be customized into an attacker, a healer, or a thief. You get a personal siege engine that you can upgrade into one of three types and then customize its stats and parts. There's a free mount to upgrade, titles to earn, and PvP ranks to attain. And naturally, at the end of the day, it all comes down to how awesome your character looks, and Neo Steam offers oodles of unique and exciting costume items and mounts to complement your "phat loots".

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