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Champions Online Hands-On Preview

Posted Thu, May 28, 2009 by Martuk

The superheroes genre is becoming a big part of the MMOG world and Champions Online is one of the games leading the way. This week MMORPG.com got the chance to experience and write about their hands-on preview of Cryptic Studios' highly anticipated MMORPG, Champions Online. The early preview covered some of the early content such as the tutorial, combat, missions and character customization mechanics. The author compares the game to a console game rather than a standard MMOG as the action and combat seem faster and more like what you may find on a console.

“Think console…not mmo….”

All would-be super-heroes should remember this advice as they approach Champions Online. Yes, Champions Online is an MMO, but the game is much easier to play and enjoy when approached with a console mentality. Due to its reliance on character positioning, fast reactions and selective targeting as an essential part of combat, the game plays much more like an action console game than the average “click and get a sandwich MMO.”

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