What Will World of Warcraft's Next Expansion Be?

Posted Sat, May 30, 2009 by Xerin

What will World of Warcraft's next expansion be? Many ask this question and a lot of ideas are floating around on the Internet. Join David "Xerin" Piner as we explore this topic as the next BlizzCon is looming in the horizon. Could it be an entire expansion of Murlocs or will be burst off into space? If you have ideas on what you think it will be then why not join us in our forums.

Here is what the rumor mill has churning for possible space exploration. First and foremost there are other planets out that are either under attack by the Burning Legion or are conquered by the Burning Legion. Secondly, Turalyon from the Warcraft II games was lost on Draenor and Tigole has said that we’ll see everyone who has a statue in The Burning Crusade (although this turned out not to be true).*Well, Turalyon is missing. Could he have flown off into space or something?

Click here to find out what David "Xerin" Piner has to say about the next expansion could be.

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