Final Fantasy XIV: E3 '09 Press Conference Details

Posted Thu, Jun 04, 2009 by Garrett Fuller


The team from Square Enix met with press at E3 to talk about the announcement of Final Fantasy XIV Online. The game will be available for the PC as well as the PS3 and Square Enix are still considering Microsoft options. The game however will be online and players can interact accordingly similar to Final Fantasy XI. With new races and a new world to explore players will have loads of options to enjoy.

The press asked a lot of questions about FFXIV and its relationship to FFXI. The game will be completely separate and there are no plans to phase out FFXI Online, the community and game will remain intact for players. With FFXIV Square Enix hopes to bring some casual players into the online universe. They want players to enjoy game play even if they do not have the time to play for long hours. The game will also have loads of content so players can definitely take their time in leveling and seeing everything. They also made a point to say they do not want a copy of World of Warcraft.

FFXIV will have a worldwide launch simultaneously in four languages. The game will be available in Japanese, English, German, and French. The question was asked if there would be worldwide servers and the team explained that it would depend on the beta testing and how things went. Also, Square Enix explained that the game will not use the Play Online System, so players will not have to go through the rigors of the Play Online System for FFXIV. This announcement came at the end of the press conference and had many people happy about a new more clean system.

In closing Square Enix was clear that they want to make the best Final Fantasy game thru the MMO genre for players to experience. They are looking to implement new systems to the genre but unfortunately could not talk much about the design of the game at this time. The team remains working hard on the game and from what we saw in the trailer there is a lot to look forward to for MMO players and Final Fnatasy fans alike.

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