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Champions Online Producer Posts New Article

Posted Mon, Jun 08, 2009 by Martuk

Champions Online Producer, Chris Lena, recently wrote an article for Champions Online Daily News about the September launch of the game and the pros and cons that come with the announced delay. MMOGs are a bit different from regular games, so when we hear a game has been delayed, most of us understand that it's better to delay and release a game that's ready than to cash in your chips and have a rocky launch. A bad launch can kill an MMOG faster than anything. Just look at the graveyard of titles we have to prove it.

So, first the negatives. Obviously there is a price to be paid internally. The whole team is marching towards a release date and every time that release date gets pushed back it’s like in the finish line is getting pushed back. So even though we all want to make the best game possible and even if we’re all very happy to have the extra time to polish, it still can be a little difficult to make the mental adjustment.

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