New CoH Developer's Diary and Screenshots Detail New Customization Options

By Stacy Jones -

City of Heroes will be getting a lot of big changes with Issue and to preview some of those changes, the good people at NCSoft/Paragon Studios have sent us their next 'Developer's Diary' and an assortment of new screenshots to show off some of the new character customization options slated for Issue 15.

For Issue 15, there are two new costume sets available to everyone, created by the newest addition to our character artist team, Cheryl Austin.  “Vines” is a new pattern while “Ulterior” is a new texture set, both of which work with most of the existing costume pieces.  Cheryl has also created over twenty new face textures, something we haven’t done since City of Villains launched. While our options for individual costume pieces and sets have continued to expand over the years, our selection of faces hasn’t received the same amount of attention.  Her goal was to create a set of new face textures that were a bit more subtle and realistic and while also working well across our full range skin tones.

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