DDO Unlimited Interview with Turbine Developers - Unlocking the New F2P Model

Posted Wed, Jun 10, 2009 by Cody Bye

Few massively multiplayer online games have been as scrutinized as Dungeons and Dragons Online. Based off a legendary intellectual property, many gamers were surprised when features of the game were different than normal MMOs and included highly instanced areas, small servers, and a number of additional quirks that simply weren’t the norm. Fast forward three years, and DDO has come light years from its beginnings. In a recent announcement, the developers at Turbine revealed that DDO would be going free to play, and Ten Ton Hammer quickly got on the phone with the developers – Adam Mersky, Fernando Paiz and Kate Paiz - to get the details.

Ten Ton Hammer: As a subscriber, I recently received my VIP newsletter discussing all the new features. Are current subscribers going to any sort of additional goodies to kind of ease them into this transition? Or will they just receive the same VIP benefits as the average Joe?

Yeah, I think it’s safe to say that we’re going to be giving our subscribers some sort of additional liquidity. I don’t know if we want to divulge all the details, but we’ll certainly be doing everything that we can to make our players feel very welcome and to encourage them to try out the store. We don’t want them necessarily reaching for their wallets in the first little bit, so along with the VIP benefits, we’re going to be doing some additional introductory things as the service rolls out.

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