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Perfect World Dev Diary - Age of Spirits Post-Mortem

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Perfect World International’s latest expansion, “The Age of Spirits,” is still under a month old and already the player response and feedback has been tremendous. One of the most talked about features to be implemented in this expansion is the Genie system, but there are several other new features that make gameplay easier for all players.

One new feature that all players can appreciate is an integrated auto-navigation and questing system. Now in the quest menu, players can click on an objective’s name—like an NPC or a monster—and the character will automatically route there. Similarly, the map now has auto-route capabilities—just click and your character will walk there for you.

Other new changes are improved usability of the UI, including increased zoom ability. We have also revised the squad finder menu. Previously, it would bring up every character in the immediate vicinity—but in a major city like Archosaur or Etherblade, you may be sorting through a very long list. Now a search can be filtered by both class and race, so you can find the perfect candidates for your next party.

We have also improved targeting for healing and buffs. When targeting a hostile, healing and buff spells will automatically cast on the player, negating the need to retarget yourself when engaged in battle.

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Another feature that was implemented shortly after the expansion launch was the Wardrobe and Cupboard storage systems. These are new storage features, freeing up valuable space in your inventory. Similar to the bank, where players can deposit money, the Wardrobe will be available to store fashion items while the Cupboard will allow players to keep and store all their crafting items.

We’ve also introduced the Supply Box. These boxes are given to players every five levels. They contain a wide variety of items: sample cash shop items, items to aid in questing and occasionally weapons. Perfect World Entertainment makes it a priority to help new players progress and this new system does just that.

All of these features, while robust, are secondary to the premiere addition in the Age of Spirits expansion, Genies. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, primarily due to the fact that they add a new dimension to PvP. A majority of players’ skills have casting time, but Genie skills are instant-cast, which increases player mobility, while at the same time adding a new layer of strategy and dimension.

We have been seeing an influx of new and returning players since the expansion launch, building upon 500,000 active players and 1.5 million registered users, Perfect World International’s numbers continue grow day by day.

 - The Perfect World International Developers
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