Warrior Epic Video Turtorial on Spirit System

Posted Thu, Jun 11, 2009 by Savanja

Much like the movie quote that says "Death is only the beginning", Warrior Epic takes death to places it has never been before. Explaining the spirit system is not always an easy task. You die, you rez, then you move on, right? Not in Warrior Epic! They have found a unique way to make death an actual strategy!

When a warrior dies during an adventure, it turns into spirit form
and resides in the sanctuary of the player's hall. The years of constant
war have blurred the line between mortality and the outer realms. This
distortion has allowed spirits to be summoned by the player's living
warriors on subsequent adventures where it will unleash devastating attacks
on enemies; or be bound to the player's equipment to imbue the item with
special powers.

Not sure what all that means? Nick with True Games takes the time to walk us all through a detailed video guide showing exactly how the spirit system works. You can find the full video here on Ten Ton Hammer!


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