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Champions Online Powers Interview - Sorcery, Darkness, and Supernatural

Posted Wed, Jun 24, 2009 by Savanja

Are you prepared to fight crime or instigate chaos? No matter which side you are on in Champions Online, your super powers will be your edge in any battle. Be prepared by reading up on the various powersets! We have this exclusive interview with Design Director and Executive Producer Bill Roper of Cryptic Studios discussing the sorcery, darkness, and supernatural powersets. Ten Ton Hammer's Cody Bye asks the questions that we all want to hear the answers to. Learn all about these mystical powers and get some inside info on what is happening behind the closed doors of Champions Online!

Ten Ton Hammer: It's been argued that sorcery may be the power set in the game that's most like a healer or a support class. Would you say that's true? Would a healer classes want to play a sorcerer?

Bill Roper: I can see that. Basically when you're laying down the power circles it does have different buffing effects. I can see that if you wanted to play a healer and you went really heavy in that direction, you could do that. It does have a really good offensive set as well, but it is also a really good support class so I can see why players are saying that.

Read the full interview only here on Ten Ton Hammer!


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