Sins of a Solar Spymaster #18: Defending Allah’s Sacred Domains

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Even while the most recent war in EVE Online was nearing its conclusion, many of New Eden’s inhabitants remained relatively unaffected by the events playing out in 0.0 space. All of that is about to change though according to the most recent edition of Sins of a Solar Spymaster, in which The Mittani discusses the tactics involved in declaring war on Empire space:

Yet, while the Great War captured the imagination of both the players and the media, only a small proportion of the playerbase directly participated in it. One might bandy about rough figures of twenty to thirty thousand participants on either side of the war, yet EVE has 300,000 subscribers. The vast bulk of those pilots live in protected Empire territories, patrolled by unkillable NPC 'police' and insulated from the violence of 0.0. Bring up the map with 'pilots in space' during Euro Prime, and it seems clear that 80% or more of the population blunders through EVE in Empire, intolerably free of the threat of violence.

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